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Zune 2

I've been intentionally quiet on this so far; too much risk of leaking something inadvertently...not that I knew anything, it's all kept very hush hush! Anyway, I think Engadget has the best coverage here. My favourite quote though is from the Wired article... As Chris Stephenson, the GM of Global Marketing for Zune told me, "Apple has established a benchmark for the industry. They've really brought the media player to the mainstream." But he still sees an advantage for Microsoft. "We're not the hardware company they are," he said, laughing. "But then again, they're not the software company that...

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Latest thing I'm trying not to buy...

I'm what's generally called a spendthrift, honestly I buy the most ridiculous things (who *really* needs three lava lamps?). So the latest thing which I've become fixated on is the Hava Platinum HD:This thing is kind of like a Slingbox only it appears as a tuner in Media Center. Looks very cool but I really don't need it; justifying it to myself by virtue of my hating the Comcast DVR and having a media center in my bedroom which doesn't get cable. Well, let's see what as far as the checkout but not yet succumbed.

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Is it wrong to lust after electronic devices - new Rio Nitrus MP3 player...

This is just the coolest thing! I currently use my iPaq with a 512mb compact flash card as a portable music player - using pocket music (I like OGG!). But this little thing looks really cool, much smaller that my current setup and it holds more (1.5gb). I also have an old Archos Jukebox (10gb), but it's pretty bulky and not great on the move...

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New Site Almost Ready!

Got my new little baby server (very powerful baby but baby nonetheless - think 'Hulk Baby'). So, the new site is finally on the way...the current address will continue to work - it will be a copy of the 'real' stie for the time being - I have an odd .TEXT (new site) to BlogX (old site) convertor working which takes each .TEXT entry, formats a BlogX version and uploads it...anyway, stay tuned - the new site will be on - should ...

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