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You can teach an old dog new tricks...

To cut a long story short, even though I've used .NET since the first beta (in 1999), I never got around to using Winforms - no, really! I have developed winforms apps in VB6 and swing apps in Java, just never got round to writing a C# Winforms app...To cut a long story short, I decided to write a little application leveraging a web service to monitor hits on this site (no reason, just a cool little web service with vaguely interesting data) , so I've picked up quite  a few books on Winforms programming - well, 5...I have a book...

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Favourite Whisky

My interests include .NET, Sci-Fi, trashy TV and Whisky...(surprisingly I'm single - go figure! :-)). Anyway, thought I'd give all non Scots (yes, Scots...Scotch is a whisky...not a nationality) a recommendation on what Scotches are worth checking out... The Macallan - a gorgeous, smooth single malt Scotch, ideal for people who think they don't like Scotch. Probably the most drinkable whisky around; it also improves with age which can be a bit touch-and-go with some malts - one of the best is the 10 year old... Johnny Walker Black Label -  a cask blend, though not a malt, it is one of the...

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