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In a new world, my new job and coming to terms with ExtJs

After over a year away from them, I'm busy at my new job in Glasgow with Dell (you know, they make the big black computers) as a Senior Dev Lead (I think, titles are still a bit mixed up). Loving being back working with a team; though I've spent most of my time sniping from the sidelines...the beginnings of my influencing the future direction our application takes. This is a bit of a departure for me, I'm used to developing very high scale and performance apps for internet use, but this one has a more limited audience (so far!) ....

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Best Practices for .NET developers

This is something I'm doing for my team at work...thought you may like a look / comment etc... Know the SOLID principles... See (the first 5). These are fundamental principles for good OO software design, know them! If you don't need it...delete it! As for Code Comments below, never check in an Excluded Class to the source control system. It adds noise and is a great way to have hard to trace exceptions if they're accidentally re-included. Code comments I know it's in the policy document but to be honest no-one uses...

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