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Back to posting this weekend…

Promising to do this for a while. I only really like to post about new stuff..others can cover old stuff in detail. Right now I'm learning:

  • FubuMVC: a kind of super flexible, advanced version of an ASP.NET MVC framework.  Has proven challenging to learn but really worthwhile.
  • RavenDB: fantastic, document oriented database. Fits in really well with web development but has some unique challenges.
  • JQuery: far from new, but building lovely UIs with it, REALLY improving my general Javascript dev skills (a lot thanks to this book).
  • Spark View Engine:  an alternative view engine (was for ASP.NET MVC but my boss @robertthegrey has written a brilliant FubuMVC engine for it too!).
  • Dotnetopenauth : Open Id authentication library for .NET  (this article was invaluable for simplifying the whole experience for me...)

In all, I feel like the technologies above really hit the sweet spot for me for web development for the next little while. So, I'll write about them all. As usual, not tutorials, more hints, tips and guidelines which may help you avoid some of the learning curve I've had recently...

Until then here's some lovely fish to tide you over (flash so you have to visit the site to see them :)).

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