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A history of what comes next...(totally random!)

This is basically a brain dump…watching / reading too much Sci-Fi :-) Was thinking about the Technological Singularity and how it could happen…which lead me to a different slant on the topic…Be glad I usually spare you these strange mental spasms! I kinda liked this one tho’

Starter phase: transparent electronic retinal implant

Uses nano electrodes to stimulate the retina given specific wavelengths of infrared light. A minor modification would allow the use of this device as an optical overlay. A very small camera may be implanted within the vitreous fluid of the eye, allowing the instantaneous interpretation of the current visual field.Such information can also be 3dimensionally processed through the use of synchronized implantable camera electrode modules in both eyes. A very small, directable and morphable lens in front of the camera module would also permit focus / zoom functions for the user. Direct nerve / optic center stimulation using variable length nano scale electrodes. Covers a precisely shaped 3 dimensional area of the brain, permitting direct creation of eye equivalent images.

Even further, the creation of interface layers within the brain, permitting replication of communication patterns when passing through the brain. permits the replacement of any brain function by electronic simulation. There should be no realistic boundary to this technology, with any structure able to be simulated.a fully deployable, nanoscale mesh running throughout the brain would enable complete neural interface capabilities. This deep interaction would allow the exact replication and expansion of neural function in an external ultra computer. These simulations are well suited to quantuum computing devices. The vast increase in speed of processing and virtually limitless computational and memory enhancements provided by these computer allows virtually limitless enhancements of the human mind. Instantaneous with the creation of the first of these devices is the arrival of true ai.

Once humans experience true computer interaction they choose to forever abandon physical form. Able to live infinite lifetimes in a few milliseconds, the physical form quickly becomes abandoned. The last hold outs quickly find themselves alone on a planet of abandoned bodies. The vast worldwide network now comprised on trans humans is every individuals prefect heaven. We are become gods...time begins.

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