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Well, I’ve been back in the US for 5 days now, still really jet lagged but getting there; also managed to pick up a stomach bug at some point…Yes, I’m  a hypochondriac!

The three weeks I spend travelling round Europe were really fun, I got to head home and see family for a couple of days as well as spend time in Helsinki, Finland, Antwerp, Belgium and Vasteras, Sweden.

The picture below is Peli de Halleux and myself standing on the frozen Baltic Sea…which a few minutes before we’d been swimming in!


The three TechDays conferences (twitter feed) were really fun, and my first chance to present to the people who use our products. I presented sessions on MVC as well as covering a lot of the stuff that’s in ASP.NET 4.0. By the end of the 6 talks (2 at each conference) I was pretty confident (always a challenger for me) and enjoying the experience.
Meeting our users is always fun, discovering how people are using our products and the problems they’re having (the #aspnetpain hashtag is partly the result of this).

I also got a chance to spend some ‘quality time’ with our 4.0 features as well as MVC. Oddly, I don’t get to spend as much time using our stuff as I’d like (my work day is packed with toommuch other stuff). Using our new WebForm Routing feature was a lot of fun; and gave me a bunch of ideas for making things easier (for example, currently it’s not great on DataBound controls; when Beta 1 rolls around I’ll post some extension methods here to make life easier). I also got to thinking a lot more about how people will advance their apps, maybe not to full MVC but a stepping stone to aid transition; using Routing, adopting an MVP pattern etc…

Of course I also got tom play with the MVC framework; which is a really fun way to build apps (like many others I rolled my own MVC / MVP frameworks in the past). The new scaffolding functionality Phil and the team added in RC1 really moves this framework to a whole different level for beginners. Frankly if I were building an app nowadays, I’d use MVC…

Anyway, now I’m back and catching up on work, always a lot to do…

NOTE: The PPTs at the top of the post presentations from TechDays, if you want to use them for anything, feel free! (The speaker notes in the first one are kinda rough, please don’t take them as ‘the official word!’

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