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In Scotland, it’s 3:30am and the beginning of a long 3 weeks

I’m writing this from bed in my parent’s house in Scotland.The next 3 weeks has me doing one of my least favorite activities in the world; presenting, 6 times in 3 countries.

Specifically I’m presenting at an MS conference called TechDays in Finland (this week), Belgium (next week) and Sweden (the week after). I really don’t like presenting and have forced myself to do these three conferences; presenting on ASP.NET 4.0 (including a look at VS10’s web dev features) and ASP.NET MVC (the very latest RC2). I am as usual extremely nervous…so we’ll see how it goes!

As I write this I leave for the airport in 12 hours to fly to Helsinki, Finland…just discovered that I forgot some small items in the snowstorm at work last week; visible items which make me look bad to the team. This will keep me awake all night and play on my mind for weeks (welcome to the mind of the depressive!). I completed hundreds of individual tasks last week but these 4 bugs will impact my career more than any other…sucks!

Anyway, going to try and get more sleep, next time I blog, I’ll be in Helsinki!

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# re: In Scotland, it’s 3:30am and the beginning of a long 3 weeks

Hey man, enjoy your trip and focus on your talks. I've got your back over here and am holding down the fort. If you're obsessing about what I think you're obsessing about, it's not a big deal and we have it covered.
3/4/2009 12:15 PM | Haacked

# re: In Scotland, it’s 3:30am and the beginning of a long 3 weeks

It went very well in Sweden yesterday anyway....

3/19/2009 4:37 AM | Observer

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