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Back to life…

TechDays MVC 4.0 Overview       TechDays MVC Presentation Well, I've been back in the US for 5 days now, still really jet lagged but getting there; also managed to pick up a stomach bug at some point...Yes, I'm  a hypochondriac! The three weeks I spend travelling round Europe were really fun, I got to head home and see family for a couple of days as well as spend time in Helsinki, Finland, Antwerp, Belgium and Vasteras, Sweden. The picture below is Peli de Halleux and myself standing on the frozen Baltic Sea...which a few minutes...

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In Scotland, it’s 3:30am and the beginning of a long 3 weeks

I'm writing this from bed in my parent's house in Scotland.The next 3 weeks has me doing one of my least favorite activities in the world; presenting, 6 times in 3 countries. Specifically I'm presenting at an MS conference called TechDays in Finland (this week), Belgium (next week) and Sweden (the week after). I really don't like presenting and have forced myself to do these three conferences; presenting on ASP.NET 4.0 (including a look at VS10's web dev features) and ASP.NET MVC (the very latest RC2). I am as usual extremely we'll see how it goes! ...

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