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All about me...

Reading Phil and ScottHa's 'Five things you didn't know about me' posts and started one of my own...but I only got to number two before I realized that the rest are either very illegal / potentially career ending so I stopped. Anyway I haven't posted here for a while and I wanted to give my reader an update on what's happenin' wit me... Features...the name MS gives to 'stuff that's in the product', working away on some WebForms stuff. Some stuff has already made it to the world. I've worked on the ability to specify your own Ids for controls...

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Mix tape!

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ViewState does not suck...part 1

I was trawling through new posts on the ASP.NET blog site and came across this one from Tess (who is someone I should probably know but don't...). What I found interesting (as well as the post which is excellent) was the first comment:   "When will MS simply drop the Viewstate completely?    This is a good example of a solution to a problem that shouldn't be a problem to begin with. " This got me to thinking, ViewState has gotten a really bad rap over the years (with notable exceptions). Let's look at what ViewState actually is and...

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John Lam’s Dev Kit

Kind of a 'tools' list but a great post on what John uses on his machine...a few new ones I hadn't seen which is always nice!

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