This site is increasing in subscriber numbers (literally doubled in a single day on the feedburner feed...not sure why!).I've also finally gotten my act together and got my old domain pointing back here again (only took me umm...a year). I guess it's time I got more serious abut this site again.
I've held off posting any more articles for a long time (read the blog, I suffer from a chronic lack of self confidence) but I guess it's time to get back on the bike. What I do want to post about is the more basic stuff, especially around how to best design and build an ASP.NET site. Oh, and I just realized...for those who don't know who the hell I am, I'm a Program Manager on the ASP.NET team at of my responsibilities for vNext of ASP.NET is to 'own' (MS term...basically means 'be responsible')  the ASP.NET Page Framework. I was an ASP.NET developer for a long time before this and I'm passionate about our technology.
I think a theme of my posts / articles will increasingly be wading through all the new stuff we're coming out with all the time...I want to focus on the practical side of building software, e.g. LINQ is fantastic...but how does it fit into a security model / n-tier architecture, should you abandon Web Forms (a.k.a., the classic ASP.NET pages) and use MVC instead (for some things frankly, yes...), where does Dynamic Data fit in. I'm not an evangelist and I recognize that some platforms are just better than ours right now for a lot of applications.

So, a question...what would you like to see me write about...what don't you know that you wish you did, what do other people write about that you just don't grok (I still remember a long night just not getting the ASP.NET page lifecycle for example). Tell me, if I don't know I work in the right place to find out the answers to the questions!