Below is the result of a wasted Saturday night, I'll clean this up later but right now it's just the export of the favorites from IE and not much else. This is a very random list right now, but there's some real gems in there!

.NET slave - A state aware generic list
.NET slave - The method you didn’t know you needed
Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew - Part 13 CSS Mastery Advanced Web Standards Solutions Andy Budd, Simon Collison, Cameron Moll Books Enterprise Service Bus David Chappell Books Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Freeman Books Professional Team Foundation Server Jean-Luc David, Mickey Gousset, Erik Gunvaldson Books
Anonymous Delegate ThreadPool calls
Best VS Fonts - Colors EVER
BOOK ASP.NET Data Presentation Controls
Boost ASP.NET performance with deferred content loading Encosia
Building an N-Layer ASP.NET Application with LINQ, Lambdas and Stored Procedures (Updated) - Dan Wahlin's WebLog
C# singleton snippet
Capturing the Screen Contents in .NET 2.0 BlackWasp Software Development
codeproject 10 ASP.NET Performance and Scalability Secrets. Free source code and programming help
codeproject Simple way to pack your .NET code into single executable. Free source code and programming help
Coding time Subversion visually explained in 30 sec
Cognitive Coding Hidden Gem Singleton Factory in C#
Daniel Cazzulino's Blog Linq to Mock MoQ is born
Day-to-day with Subversion - Fear and Loathing
Digging into the Linq "let" keyword
dotnetopenid - Google Code
Download details C# Code Samples for the Live Search API
Download details Windows Live ID Web Authentication SDK
Generics and the Session State
How to get detailed info about all online visitors that are currently browsing your ASP.NET website
i like ellipses… A Set of Useful Extension Methods for DateTime
It's common sense, stupid Programming Is All About Passion
Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek
Lazy instantiation one-liner of instance fields with the coalesce operator realfiction
Linq Expressions - Access private fields « Roger Alsing Weblog
LINQ query operators lose that foreach already! - GrabBagT
LINQ to JSON beta - James Newton-King
Michael C. Kennedy's Weblog - Email Something Huge Introducing the Big Mailer Utility
Michael C. Kennedy's Weblog - Top 5 Favorite CodePlex Projects
Mole v4.2 For Visual Studio « Karl On WPF - .Net
More (Really) Stunning Desktop Wallpapers Graphics Smashing Magazine
Ozzie Rules Blogging Better Project Management with Team Foundation Server » Multi Level ASP.NET Menu with CSS Friendly Control AdaptersBuilding the New Code Camp Web Site (Part II)
Rachel Appel Blog - Book Review ASP.NET Ajax in Action [5 Stars]
Sam Gentile's Inessential List of Tools - Sam Gentile
Script# Events-Delegates in an Atlas-MS Ajax style script
Shout! The Regulator
Super4Utils - Home
Taming Trees Building Branching Structures
The importance of learning Expression Blend « Josh Smith on WPF
The Linq SelectMany Operator
Timeline .NET - Rob Chartier ~ Contemplation...
TRULY Understanding ViewState - Infinities Loop
Tutorial Encoding screen recordings for Silverlight in VC-1 with Expression Encoder 2 Ben Waggoner Channel 10
Using NHibernate (years after I should have been)
Visual Studio 2008 New Multi-Threaded Debugging Feature
VON# - Most Useful VS Feature No One Knows About
WebSlices can help popularize feed syndication « Jon Udell
Why do SOA projects succeed Why do some fail
WPZOOM ›› 32 Unique RSS Icons usage