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Better than Darkroom...Q10 battle of the minimalist text editors

There's been a bit of a meme flying around over the past little while about minimalist text editors, starting with the Mac app Writeroom. The concept of these applications is that when you're writing you need as little distraction as possible...I've totally hooked into this concept as I find myself spending more time fighting with Word than actually writing anything (paragraph formatting, fonts, text colors, margins...all distractions). The most popular of this genere of programs for PC is Darkroom, written in .NET 2.0 and well, it does the job. Personally I found it a bit slow and it just felt klunky to I've been on a hunt for an alternative. For a while the most promising challenger was jDarkroom which, as the name suggests, is a port of Darkroom in's pretty nice...but it requires an install of Java and for me it occasionally 'forgets' settings.

Anyway, long story short I came across Q10, no idea what technology it uses, but it's fast, low footprint and works flawlessly (it also has a spellchecker version and theĀ  option of a small infobar at the bottom of the screen). It's perfect...and is now my editor of choice.

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