As I posted previously, I've decided to abandon my plans to port to; mainly due to some scalability issues with the platform.

As a result I'm trying to work out a project I can build to achieve three things; get more familiar with all of my team's new technologies, get into the mindset of developers again and well, to have fun! Here's my requirements;

  • CSS based page design (I'll explain why at a later date)
  • NOT a Twitter clone or blog (way too many people already doing these!)
  • Uses lots of AJAX functionality

My current thinking is a CMS system ala Grafitti, I've written one of these before and learned a few lessons about how to do it right (that site for example dynamically builds it's admin layer based on the type of content it's pages contain). What do you think? Oh, and I will host this on Codeplex, it will be totally open source etc...once I get it past a critical mass. What this won't be is a masterclass, I was a very strong ASP.NET 1.1 dev but I've been out of the full time developer game for about 3 years so I need to catch up (guess I'm in the right team to do it!)

Oh, and came across this:

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