Well, it's the last day in my first week with the ASP.NET team (kind of, a few people are off to MIX) . It's been a pretty interesting week...lots to learn etc...I'm still getting used to the team dynamic and my place in that (I think everyone else is a senior...I'm not due to some dubious career choices over the years). Still, I have lots of responsibility and a lot of work to do over the next short while...mostly focused around releases and our process for some future work (I *did* come from Project remember ;-)). It has been a blast playing with all the latest and greatest features (many of which we just released new previews of) and getting a lot of insight as to where ASP.NET is going (and yes, having pangs for my old life where I got to use this stuff to build applications for customers). Still I have a ton to learn and it's going to be an interesting journey...whish me luck!