So, anyone remember my ASP.NET forums password? Umm...actually it's been so long since I've used it I think it expired (the password reminder page gets my hopes up). Anyway just signed up for a new account and answered a couple of questions.  Really can't wait to get started in my new job!
Anyway, hope to see some of my faithful reader on the ASP.NET forum in future and expect to see a few posts with me making a fool of myself when getting up to speed on all the new hotness my future team is working on. I have some embryonic stuff I might wind up writing soon, number one is an XML configuration method for ASP.NET MVC...which I have no doubt completely goes against some core philosophy of the framework but I think it'd be cool to separate the controller mapping from code into some external config file (note, I have NO idea if this already planned...ain't joined the team yet!).
Right, off to bed...going to the dentist tomorrow to have my pizza fractured teeth fixed (as in a pizza caused one of my very british teeth to fragment...)