Well, I admit it I've been ignoring you...I'm sorry. Lots going on workwise, hopefully I'll have some big news this week and one of the many results will be lots more posts on this ere blog.
Oh, and as for the title...it's a lyric from one of the greatest songs ever: Zeros and Ones by Jesus Jones. You do have to remember that I'm pretty old; 35 as of yesterday!. When I was first learning to code I had this on loop literally for hours on end...on an Aiwa really tiny portable cassette player. Oddly now I'm pretty deaf...weird!
I REALLY love the last gasps of a technology when in order to even approach keeping up manufacturers take the platform to a new level; remember SVHS? My prediction; when we have ubiquitous broadband everywhere the likes of iPod and Zune will get REALLY interesting!

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