I was reading a story about a 'playable search engine' called Seeqpod being sued under the DMCA safe harbor. I have to admit that I'd never even heard of Seeqpod before this story but it's well pretty interesting! For a while now I've been embedding Youtube music videos but this is a much more interesting step. The engine doesn't (AFAIK) actually host these music files, it just searches them and provides a streaming service. This is a pretty interesting idea...wonder if it'll survive. Of course I guess these files could be pretty volatile, hmm a cool enhancement would be to add audio-fingerprinting and enable multiple sources for the same file...ad-hoc peer to peer and less volatile links. It would also be interesting to combine a concept like this with a truly wireless media player where you could build playlists but have no actual storage on the device apart from a cache for making streaming seamless; taking iPhone a bit further...think of a Zune with a true on-demand streaming radio service which could select musing based on user defined preferences...hmm makes you think!