Well, back at work after my trip back to Scotland for Christmas and Hogmanay (New Years Eve as non-scots call it :-)). Great time seeing family again, I hope I never have to spend Christmas away from them. We have a few traditions every year, Christmas eve at my cousin's, Christmas day at my sisters, Boxing Day at my parents then the wait until Hogmanay when we head to yet another cousins. Then it's basically a week of being drunk and eating 'traditional' food (Steak Pie, Boiled Ham and Beef Stew, all with mushy peas). So, great time, amazing to see how my nephews have grown and just being around everyone again.

Then it was an agonizing flight back to Seattle...I still haven't worked out airmiles but I REALLY want to upgrade to bigger seats, a 6'3" 300lb (see "Pagliacci Pizza below!" man in a standard airline seat for 10 hours is cruel and unusual punishment (especially one such as myself who can't sleep...even after 2 ambien!). Anyway great to be back, went and picked up my cat from her 'Pet Resort' - fantastic place but I could probably have gotten her a motel room for the same price! Also a bit galling that the cat seemed disappointed about leaving!
Anyway, so I'm back at work...can't talk about what we're doing right now for various legal reasons...but it's not that thrilling!

Back to Seattle, didn't miss the traffic, did miss my obscene American Car; which is even more dented after yet another car park run-in...I aim to have black paint on every concrete post in the MS building 16 car park!
Didn't miss American TV...honestly it is ridiculously bad...we have even more channels in the UK (on Sky Satellite) but the content is 100 times better (thank Jebus for Bittorrent....not that I would EVER use it, but theoretically QI and Never Mind The Buzzcocks would be amazing to watch!).
Well, trying to resist phoning the World's best Pizza place (well, better in the couple of dozen world locations I've had pizza in). Really have to try and mediate my intake slightly better...it's a sign when you know the delivery boy by his first name...and you're in the 'Frequent Piers' club...umm...



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