It’s been 1 month since my post…well, what have I been up to?
The life of an ADC (the logical unit of the PSfD) is pretty busy. I think I’m finally getting to grips with what an ADC actually is…think of a group of people who cover pretty much every technology a developer could hope to cover; you’re beginning to get the idea.
Some cool  new(ish) stuff I’ve been getting into recently:
The CAB (Composite UI Application Block): I’ve written about this before and I STILL think it’s a tremendously impressive technology; if you’ve taken a look at tis before and thought it looked way too complicated…look again…the documentation and examples are vastly improved.
SQL Server 2005: I’m finally getting a lot deeper into this – the deeper you dig the more you find! My new favourite bit is Partitioned Tables – these are just a huge boon for increasing the scalability of DB apps with huge tables.
WSE 3.0: Totally overshadowed by WCF (no-one say Indigo )  but this is avaialble NOW and solves a whole bunch of current Web Service issues ranging from encryption, authentication, transferring large files, certain interop scenarios…and it’s wire-compatible with WCF (i.e., your code shouldn’t break)!

I’m also spending some time in the Services Lab in Reading (UK) doing some Scalability and Performance work on a couple of my customers apps; it’s pretty fun, imagine getting to play with lots of beefy hardware and get to the bottom of lots of interesting problems!
I’m also beginning to realise just how fantastic my team is…the skillset these guys have is just remarkable it gives you a whole lot of confidence knowing these guys are on the end of the phone!
Anyway, I am slowly working my way back to the world of blogging after my self-imposed exile of the last few months…see you all soon!