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Some really nice posts on System.Transactions

I've posted about this namespace in the past, and its no secret I think this is a great feature in .NET 2.0; one of my concerns though was the behaviour which SQL Server 2000 had with the new stuff. Currently, when you use ADO.NET transactions in 1.x, the transaction is 'local'; so it remains in-process and as such is comparatively fast...if you use SQL Server 2000 with System.Transactions however, the transaction is farmed out the the MSDTC...which actually reduces performance over ADO.NET Transactions. With this in mind, a great example has popped up on Jim Johnsons blog with a 'shim'...

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And another new 'ting...Sparkle (umm...Expression Designer)

Oh, this is VERY cool! One of my colleagues is about to head off and work on this team...check out a new tool...Sparkle (or Microsoft Expression)...come on did you really think we hadn't got a tool for designing Avalon  UIs ;-)

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Windows Workflow Foundation is out!

Just don't call it WWF ;-) anyway I can finally talk about this really cool new technology and the new site dedicated to it; essentially this replaces all the little workflow bits you've written oven the years. A colleague of mine Morgan Skinner has also written a great little introduction article on writing custom activities on Windows Workflow Foundation (will someone PLEASE figure out an official abbreviation!). It's also really worth taking a look at the fantastic article by Dino Esposito on how this stuff works...Have you any idea of the time this would've saved me in my previous life...damn it! UPDATE:...

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Really nice WPF (Avalon) base app from Microsoft!

This is the first app I've seen from us using Windows Presentation Foundation (aka Avalon) - it's a nice Flickr type app for sharing pictures called 'Microsoft Max'. Looks really nice and is a great example of what you can do using these new technologies. Even better, the development team behind this have a blog; I love this approach and it looks like they're actively taking and using feedback to improve the product!

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Office 12 UI revealed

I wrote about this a little while ago, but I see that the new Office 12 UI has been unveiled to the pulic at the PDC - it really is a very nice, intuitive UI!

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Brilliantly wierd

No, not me  , the winner of the Mercury Music prize tonight was a group called Antony and the Johnsons - only thing I'll say is nip over to and buy the album I am a bird now (ooh...just discovered the iTunes link thingy...go on, click it I don't get a penny ). Anyway, it's is a pretty unique sound kind of a blues / jazz / alternative mix thing...listen to thwe album a couple of times, first time you'll think I was having a joke.

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Getting back into development yay!

Well, I made a decision, I have to get back to cranking out some serious code again...the old brain is way rusty (asked a question on threading yesterday and I hesitated damnit!). So here we go, this week (as in the following 7 days...not calendar week,it's Friday and that'd be crappy) I plan on coding for at least 8 hours a day and using stuff I haven't used in anger before (never really tried to write production quality code in Whidbey / Yukon before...). Have to say, I'm looking forward to it; not least because I only really feel 'right' when...

posted @ Friday, September 02, 2005 4:12 AM | Feedback (0) | launches...still not really sure what it's for...

Well, it's official, the umm...aggregator that's not really an aggregator has launched (which really just seems to mean that you don't have to type /3 anymore). Now, this is a very cool technology demo and has some interesting features but personally I really don't see myself using it nor do I really see what it's purpose is. In case you're wondering, yup I've seen the Channel 9 video, played with the site for a while (it was even my start page for about a week...before I reverted to Google) but I just don't get it. So, if you DO...

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Changes between VS 2005 Beta 2 and RTM

Ok, this is one of these things where if you dodn't know about it you can get into a world of pain (I speak from bitter personal experience). There have been quite a few functional changes between the last Beta and the RTM (I've seen many of these in the August CTP as well). Take a look here for more information...

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