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Departure lounge blues

Hmphh...sitting in the departure lounge at Edinburgh airport has to be one of my least favourite pastimes (right below having a migraine). Mind you, I never help the matter by my totally anal need to get to airports at least 1.5 hours before the departure of the flight. Well here I am, my flight to Belfast was meant to leave at 7am but they've just cancelled that one and made a new one at 3 hours to hang around the departure lounge.Well, what's been going on in my life and whey the hell haven't I been blogging about technical...

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Back to Civilisation...

Just got back a few hours ago from Seattle...not technically slept for coming up on 32 hours so I'm a tad tired (trying to go to bed at a normal time...hopefully that'll stave off jet lag a bit). TechReady1 was pretty cool as you have probably guessed by my two previous posts...perfect?...far from it but still pretty good. Seattle was pretty amazing, the weather was beautiful the whole week and it was just a really nice place to be for a week. This whole thing has also gotten my technical brain kick-started a bit more as well...really looking forward to...

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All Tech Net ASP.NET content now avaialble online

 get it here...that is all...

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End of a busy week

Well, that's it...TechReady1 is at an end, as with all conferences there were some high and low points (usual lows, level of content...length of sessions etc). The highs were pretty good though! C# 3.0 is just looking amazing - you'll just love this stuff when you see it at the PDC; there have been some *sneaks* which may or may not be true and I guess there will be some controversy about some of the new stuff...but I just love it! Seeing Anders Hejlserg's presentation and Chalk Talk you can tell how excited he is about this stuff too...just get your...

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TechReady1 day 1

Well, just finished my first day at TechReady...have to say, some exciting stuff about...highlights so far: Keynote from Bill Gates...slightly disturbing video featuring him and Napoleon Dynamite...Bill dances...very disturbing...Composite UI Application Block...if you're working with Smart Clients you'll be dumb as hell not to check that out! It's just an amazingly powerful system to allow you to build winforms clients with plug-in UI components as well as incredibly rich services...Office 12...very pretty!Enterprise Library - a huge leap over the previous blocks...I have been intimidated by this in the past and shied away from using it but it really seems to be very...

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Life on the 30th floor

Well, I'm in Seattle this week for an event called TechReady1 - going to see a keynote by Bill Gates tomorrow. Hotel is pretty nice (sharing a room...but that's OK) currently on the 30th floor of the Westin in Downtown Seattle - view is really amazing over the harbour (and Macys :-)). This wil be a short post, I'm pretty tired; my body is telling me it's 5:21am even though it's 9:21pm local I've been up since 3am...26 hours and counting :-(.I'm really looking forward to learning about all the new stuff we've got going on...I'll blog about whatever I...

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