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July 2005 Entries

Really nice site I have to follow up... Nice stuff on a variety of ASP.NET / VSTS / etc... topics. My slow rebirth continues

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My so called life...

Well, I am still alive (I know you worry ) just settling in to my new reality - now the culture shock is wearing off a bit and I'm getting into the job proper. I picked up my first car last week (my brother-in-law's old one, a good starter car) - getting a faster leased one in a few weeks (hopefully), not an RX-8 as I'd planned as the tax would have cost almost as much as the car... As far as technical stuff goes, I've been playing about with Visual Studio Team system a fair bit - getting a bit...

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Visual Studio Team System VPC due next week...

Just heard that there will be a publicly (well,  MSDN subscriber) avaialble download of a Virtual PC image of Visual Studio Team System 2005 (plus all the bits you need to run it) avaialble soon. We've been using this internally for a while and if you want to really get to grips with this great product, it's fantastic...not sure about the memory requirements yet - but I'd guess 512MB won't cut it :-)  

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