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Gimme some Hash!

Just been reading what looks like the second part in a series on security from Eric Lippert on the use of hashes for protecting password information (first part is here) . I find this especially interesting since I've recently designed a system which uses salted-hash (as opposed to sticky-black hash which is a whole different thing ;-))  as a method to protect user passwords. As it turned out it wasn't all that easy to do this in .NET ; of course it might just be me...anyway here's the little function I came up with for hashing passwords (with a...

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rel="nofollow" - who exactly does it benefit?

I've been following a thread on Scoble's blog  regarding the introduction of the rel="nofollow" tag for blog comments - some of the points Robert makes are interesting, including the one that irked me most: Developed in privacy. Um, not true. Webloggers have been asking for YEARS for a link that could tell the search engine spiders not to go there. Joi Ito and I have been asking for this repeatedly over the past four years. Certainly not in private. Sorry, but that's total bollocks - this 'innovation; was announced, not submitted for comment / improvement, those involved have included Blog...

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Well the Mac-Mini has just what to do with it?

So my little baby Mac arrived today, unfortunately this now means I have 6 machines, a single 4 port KVM (which the Mac seems to dislike a huge amount), a single monitor and not much space (well none verging on bugger all if truth be told). It really is a very neat little machine, I've tried it both at work and at home, connecting them with some pretty odd monitor / USB Keyboards and mice it's rock solid, seems to need no drivers for Monitors or Mice & Keyboards (even the scroll wheel works!); can't get any PS2 stuff to...

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It's a real shame that .NET Passport is stopping customers using it - V3.0 looks fantastic!

OK, so the previous versions of .NET Passport have been pretty nasty to work with and get working (and keep working!) - this as well as user disaffectation have led to several high-profile clients dropping the use of the .NET passport sign-on mechanism. I've just been having a look at Passport V3.0 (for a Microsoft owned site) - and it's very cool, the technology has taken a HUGE leap forward - I can't discuss specifics (NDA etc...). God, I wish they'd done this 2 years ago (when I first saw documents relating to this change) - they could really have...

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Trying something out...

You've probably noticed the really brief posts I've done recently - basically I'm just trying something out...each time I find an interesting article I'm sticking it straight on this here blog. Reason for this? I realised I was not putting some useful stuff on simply because of the time it takes to write a 'proper' post. Let me know if you like / detest these mini-posts.

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Diagnostics and Logging In ASP.NET

Diagnostics and Logging In ASP.NETScott

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The Code Project - Combo control - ASP.NET

The Code Project - Combo control - ASP.NETScott

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Signs on the Sand: Mvp.Xml library v1.0 released

Signs on the Sand: Mvp.Xml library v1.0 releasedScott

posted @ Tuesday, January 25, 2005 4:57 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ .NET ]

Playing with .NET Remoting

Recently had the chance to dig into remoting in a bit more detail (for the Bulk Mail app I've mentioned before). I have to say, it's both more difficult and a lot easier than I imagined!Having to modify my class to allow use from a remoting client was a little wierd; I wanted to use SingleCall mode - with a simple response to keep performance up, unfortunately this has led to quite a radical reworking of my main Engine class (and subsequent wasn't that tight in the first place). The actual set up of remoting is however amazingly easy, letting me simple switch...

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Great post on resource for learning ASP.NET

Bill Evjen has posted a great list of sites, articles and resources for learning ASP.NET. Well apart from the omission of my blog ;-)

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The battle continues...

Well, finally got around to implementing a CAPTCHA control in my comments (using the excellent HIPValidator by Stephen Toub). It's still experimental - so it might not work totally smoothly - but let's see if it works against comment spam! Anyway, any problems please email me at [email protected] . Oh, should say I won't be able to provide the source for this (most of it is in the article I mentioned above) because my .TEXT source is heavily modified... UPDATE: Looks like there's an issue around a font installed on my server - this causes the little image to not...

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If you find your IP is blocked...

Had a mail from someone today complaining that their IP appeared to blocked on my site - apologies, I have  a fairly strict policy on spam / abusive comments you get one chance then I block your IP (this has been fairly effective in the past). I realise though that sometimes this will be a bit of a blunderbuss against a mosquito (nice metaphor ) since there's issues with dial-up, non-static IPs etc...If you've been affected and umm...if you can read this post (hey it could be in Google, Bloglines etc...)...please email me at [email protected] and we can discuss your...

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When Reflection Attacks!

Just been reading a post by Geoff Appleby on the pros and cons of reflection. He also points to a very interesting use of reflection by Darren Neimke to control the routing of messages within a system like BizTalk. I have similar reservations to using reflection that Geoff has - mainly because I came from a Java world where reflection could just totally kill performance. However I also agree that there's some situations where it's just incredibly useful - I recently used reflection in an application which uses User Controls to provide functionality, well occasionally I had to set some specific...

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Are blogs killing traditional ASP.NET sites?

While in my 'getting back into coding' frame of mind I've been surfing around looking at various sources of information - I've come to realise something that I missed before - there's a lot less 'high quality' information avaialble today that say 3 years ago. Back in the days of classic ASP there were a bunch of excellent sites when you could reliably find awesome articles on all the latest toys and though it ain't so good! So sites like ASPToday, DotNetJunkies and 4GuysFromRolla just don't seem to publish that regularly anymore and what is there seems kind of 'old-fashioned', even...

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Oh my sweet jesus - I want to buy a Mac!

Well, you've probably been bludgeoned about the head with the news this evening but Apple has just launced a new machine - the Mac Mini I have to say it looks really nice! Well, I'm currently trying to get onto the Apple UK store (looks like their XServe machines may be having slight scalability issues :-)) this is just the right price-point and size for a little play-around thing! I also have a spare port on my 4-port KVM :-). From first impressions this thing looks like another coup from Apple !

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Was up wid me?

Well, I'm back from holiday - trying to get interested in coding again, which is harder than it should be! Anyway, in an effort to get back into things I've been reading a few blog articles which are pretty cool. The first is an article on Viewstate serialization by Victor Garcia, which is pretty much essential reading if you're trying to squeeze every bit of performance from your Viewstate handling - good stuff!Apart from that, I'm building another little server...and playing with some new toys including the new desktop machine I've just built (mid-range, Geforce 6600GT-AGP, Athlon 64 3000+, 1Gb...

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