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October 2004 Entries

So very tired...oh and the best article I've seen on Structs.

Lateral enough for ya...well, I'm at the bad end on a 34 hour workathon, taking a brief respite before starting again tomorrow...I'm getting too old for this, feeling just amazingly tired and ticked off with my chosen occupation (you know the type of thing!). Anyway, just noticed this great article on structs in C# - an overlooked but really pretty imporant topic,'ll take you 5 minutes and you might learn something - go look!

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End of an era! John Peel dies at age 65

John Peel was one of the single most important people in British alternative music, very sad to see he's gone - the world will be a slightly less colourful place from now on...

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Oh dear...

Which File Extension are You? Unfortunate...but true...

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What does it take?

Been busy the past few days trying to gain some ground on the project I'm currently working on; and balancing delivering a new 'application framework' versus actually delivering this single site...which is not easy! I've also been thinking about what I really want to do - and how I'm going to go about getting there. Problem is, I need inspiration; you know, something to really fire me up and get me interested in coding again because lately...Ah well, the decision about where I want to be is a tricky one - old dilemma safe 'good enough' job versus risky 'job...

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Shameless attempt to get a free license...

It's a great product and I really do recommend it...but well, they do offer a free $899 license just for linking to them!We recommend the ABCUpload .NET file upload component...

posted @ Wednesday, October 20, 2004 2:34 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ ASP.NET ]

GUI versus System

This is a balance I never get right when building a new system, inevitably I either have a grogeous UI and a fragile, hackneyed underlying system or   a fantastic system design (so, loose coupling between strata, usable caching strategy, secure authorisation system, flexible templating etc...) and a UI that looks like it belongs in the early sixties on a hippy commune (let's say messy ). I guess this is partly me; I have trouble context switching when building complex apps; and partly the nature of the development culture at my current company; single man with occasional designer input. Anyway, anyone...

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Visual Studio 2005 may become Visual Studio 2006 - that sucks!

Just read here, of course this is pure speculation right now but it would seem likely that if this is true (Sql Server 2005 is being delayed until Q3 2005 or so...) the Visual Studio 2005 will also be delayed by at least that much. This would be a terrible move - especially as MS are already encouraging people to move to using the 2005 products early and devoting entire editions of MSDN magazine to the product (which doesn't even have a go-live license yet!). The latest betas of VS 2005 seem pretty stable and ASP.NET 2.0 appears to be pretty feature complete (especially...

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Still alive....back soon!

Sorry, really busy at my real job right now. Back to this soon. Oh, and a recommendation, I recently discovered a Radio Station which plays my exact taste in music (a VERY rare thing!). KEXP 90.3FM - unfortunately, they're in Seattle, fortunately they have awesome streams (including a nuts 1.4Mb/s uncompressed one!) UPDATE: Just had my *first ever* request played on there too! Snow Patrol - Spitting Games! Yay!

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Oh, quick thing - my MSN IM address

I'm getting lots of little questions about ASP.NET by email - it's actually easier for me if you use MSN IM for this (or just to contact me in general if you want to discuss anything) - you can get me at [email protected] (do NOT email that address though, haven't checked it in about 3 years...)...mind you this way I'll never get an MVP

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Great little code formatting Macro

This has been the bane of my existence for about 18 months. This macro from Cory Smith provides the best solution I've seen so far for this problem, outputting clean formatted code and to demo this...below is an example of my favourite piece of code d'jour (my reworking of the Server Side Viewstate stuff):#region ServerSide ViewState handling code                                 // the extension is to protect users from sniffing in on view state via a simple                                // HTTP request                                private static string FilePathFormat = Global.Config.ViewStateServerPath + "{0}" + Global.Config.ViewStateFileExtension;                                private const string ViewStateHiddenFieldName = "__ViewStateGuid";                                 // creates a new instance of a GUID...

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The ASP.NET vulnerability...not!

So, Slashdot got a hold of the story about the ASP.NET vulnerability (the backslash bug), as usual they're loving it over there. What I haven't seen much of though is mention of the fact that many sites were never affected by this - reason? URLScan for IIS 5 and IIS 6 (which incorporates much of URLScan already) have always blocked this type of attack - remember, URLScan was released in 2001 and it blocks a host of malformed URL type attacks (there've been a bunch before). The current Microsoft advice is to add some code to each ASP.NET application, fine -...

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Umm...this isn't really a post...honest...

OK, I know I said I was offline for two weeks...but it's Brendan's fault, he got me thinking about music again! Anyway, after listening to a whole bunch of horrible tuneless drivel on Shoutcast, I came across a fantastic tune by a band called 'I Am The Avalanche' - you can get a few of thier tunes (legally Mr Ballmer ) from here. Gotta say, this is some pretty awesome stuff...well worth a listen! Oh, and Bloody Symphony is my favourite

posted @ Wednesday, October 06, 2004 11:48 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Music ]

Blog Break

I'm taking time off from blogging for the time being - I want to get this thing on to a new server and get a ton of new bits added - the easiest way for me to do this is to leave this version as-is and modify a copy. So, see you all on the 19th of October!

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Interesting Quote - or how to control a country in one easy step...

I have made a point of avoiding speaking about my politics on this blog, partly because I don't think my politics are particularly interesting, but I watched the presidential debates last night (which finished at about 4am our time) and a press conference by our own home secretary detailing plans to introduce identity cards, GPS tracking of refugees and other 'security' measures - I have to admit, this makes me pretty sad.I just thought the following quote was interesting given the current climate throughout the world. In the UK, I think we always have to remember that we had typically...

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