Hmm...I've spammed myself. I have this application at a customer's site which has an exception logging feature, so each exception logs to the local event log then sends me an email - great idea huh? What I hadn't thought of though is 'what happens if the event log gets full?' - tonight I found out. Turns out that if it can't write to the event log, it sends an email...there seems to be a bit of a bug though - something in there sees a failure to write to the event log as a loggable exception. Unfortunately, the event log got full...resulting in a loop - currently getting about 10 emails PER SECOND! Fortunately I was online when this started so I got it stopped after about 20 minutes (and deleted 300MB+ of mails from the SMTP queue on the server) - I reckon I still have about 10000 emails to get though. Bugger!