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GMail invites..a very smart move if you think about it

Google is built on the PageRank system which uses the interrelatedness of web sites to determine the relative importance of the sites' content. I was thinking about the GMail systyem, almost everyone now has a GMail account so this system doesn't make a great deal of sense - unless you realise a side benefit of such a system. The GMail invite system provides a degree of interrelatedness between Email accounts - I wonder what use this information is being assigned? If you're able to track emails as they pass between email accounts (as I guess GMail could easily do), it'd provide...

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Getting the hosted sorted...finally...

Well, I've signed up with an external host, the plan will be to migrate the main blog site over to the new server (at over the next few days. This should be a lot more stable and will eliminate the *holiday death* periods the site has tended to have over my past couple of holidays. Seems like a pretty good deal too from these people which includes 500mb web space, 10gb per month transfer and four SQL Server / MySQL databases. Anyway, I'll try them out over the next few months (with some SERIOUS uptime detection stuff in place) and...

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Simple pattern for the Data Access Application block

Thought I'd just throw out a simple code sample for the (very) simple pattern I use when writing data access code with the Data Access Application Block. This example is for doing a simple object insert (non-transactional) into a DB:internal static void AddEmailAddressToContact(Int64 contactId, EmailAddress emAddr) { string spName = "pr_MedSh_AddEmailAddressToContact"; SqlParameter[] sqlParams = SqlHelperParameterCache.GetSpParameterSet(Global.Config.DBConnectionString,spName); sqlParams[0].Value = contactId; sqlParams[1].Value = emAddr.AddressTypeId; sqlParams[2].Value = emAddr.IsPrimary; sqlParams[3].Value = emAddr.Address; SqlHelper.ExecuteNonQuery(Global.Config.DBConnectionString,CommandType.StoredProcedure,spName,sqlParams); } Told you it was simple! This is the pattern I use for all these sort of things. Using a SqlDataReader is just as easy, I...

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Fantastic popup windows technique

Just been reading on Matt Bethers blog on a technique by Már Örlygsson on a great way of doing popups (disclaimer: I know, popups are evil...fall of civilization...STDs etc....), which if you *really* have to use them is just the best way I've seen - especially as it would *seem* to be more accessible than other methods. Oh, and there's some great comments on that post which cover all sorts of other issues.

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Finally succombed - and great post by my benefactor.

Well, thanks to Brendan I've finally got a GMail account ([email protected]). Also noticed that Brendan has posted an excellent project on 'Smart Tags' for the web. Very interesting technique which I'm sure will be used a lot more when Smart Tags become a more common metaphor on Desktop Apps such as VS.NET 2005! Also noticed a couple of really cool GMail tools including the GMail 'official' Notifier tool and a cool little toolbar button for Firefox which does a similar job. Oh, and there's even a C# API for GMail on Codeproject!

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When good design decisions go bad...

Hmmphh...well, I'm working on a security system for a new framework I'm building at work, this has the concept of hierarchical content types and inherited roles;so you can assign a role on a parent and have it trickle down to child content types, reducing the legwork on assigning permissions within a system. Well, I'm having to redo some stuff now since I foolishly decided to define the content type hierarchy in XML instead of in the DB; mainly because of some short-sighted thinking I'd done when developing the presentation infrastructure earlier which *correctly* uses XML for defining page properties. Well,...

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Bladerunner difficulty

This is one of the things I don't get about the 'entertainment industry', the deletion of popular DVDs. I'm just re-reading 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep', the Philip K. Dick story on which the film Bladerunner is (loosely) based, so I was looking to watch Bladerunner again. I did my usual thing of heading to my local DVD stockists only to be told that the DVD had been deleted (I was told this by a couple of stores). I find this especially odd as I can buy this no problem at Amazon - very odd. Oh, in case you're wondering (you...

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Oh, and for as long as it lasts - new Prodigy album remixed

I have no doubt that this is totally illegal but if you like the Prodigy, 1. buy the new album and 2. check out this remix of that album. The remixes are of very variable quality but some tracks like Spitfire are just awesome. Anyway, I expect that this will be shut down in pretty short order so I'd advise you to get it soon. Normal service will be resumed shortly...

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Ever get worried about your former workmates...

Hmm...this does worry me slightly (let it load). I used to work with Brian at a company called BlackId which went bust not long after we all left. He does have a few strange obsessions (check out the ever so slightly cryptic menu bar at the top of the page), even more worrying when you remember he's the director of a company...

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Ooh, forgot the cool thing I saw during my holiday

Well, last week I saw a whole bunch of shooting stars...just came across this picture or the Perseid meteor shower which is what I was also watching. Looked very cool, especially since I was back at home where there's very little light pollution - I could also see the Milky Way and the Aurora in the same sky...

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Moderated comments...bad solution to a bad problem

I've noticed on a few blogs recently that they're applying moderation to comments, more than once I've left comments only for them never to appear on the blog. This is a bit disappointing for me and I really feel it stifles the discussion concept for blogs. I far prefer the 'validated contributor' approach where a user has to prove their identity though an email link - whilst not perfect, this does seem to be the best solution to me. Any opionions on this?

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DNS Problems now resolved - and on to some reflection stuff

Well, seems my DNS provider uses some kind of procedure which can be prone to failure. Anyway, my DNS stuff is now functional again- yay! My plan for today is now to move on to playing a bit more with reflection and attributes...this could get interesting! Oh, in case you're wondering, I'm playing with the Provider Pattern for a project I'm working on, also looking at doing some sort of low-maintainance security model for 'operational' security on method calls; so I can define that a particular method requires that my system provides the 'Edit' permission for that user / object before...

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My favourite regular expression tool...

I'm a man of simple needs...especially when it comes to Regular Expression building tools. Roy Osherove has made an excellent tool in The Regulator - however, for my needs it's a bit too complicated for daily use, undoubtedly powerful but just a bit complex. For me, Expresso by Jim Hollenhorst is just perfect, lets me build and test regular expressions in a compact environment with nothing that I don't need. Anyway, try it out!

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Mail server crap again

Hmmphh...well, since I had a line problem when I was on holiday I decided to flip my Email to forward to a hotmail account...great idea right??? Umm...not with my DNS provider it seems my MX record has been entirely trashed now! So if you want to contact me, please use MSN IM until further notice ([email protected]) or my Hotmail contact account ([email protected])...ta... Oh, and if you want to see just how messed up my stuff is...look here. Mind you, looks like no-one is perfect (or the site is wrong!)

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Serious thought - on XHTML and CSS

During this current break I've been doing my usual 'read shed-loads' routine, read the entire Ender series by Orson Scott Card (well, the last 4 books), Code Complete 2 (US), Neurolinguistic Programming for Dummies and last but not least, Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman (US). All of these books were excellent and I'd recommend them all. I'd like to concentrate however on the Web Standards one.This is a really though-provoking book for one such as myself (i.e., aging web coder who remembers the bad old days of NCSA Mosaic); I have been pretty lacking in my HTML markup skills and...

posted @ Thursday, August 19, 2004 11:56 PM | Feedback (0) | Filed Under [ Accessibility ASP.NET Books ]'s the site...

Well, the site is back up. I will be updating more regularly for the next couple of months and aiming to move the site to somewhere more reliable than my own house (well, it's the ADSL that seems to be the problem). Anyway, if you've sent me any email over the past week or so, it is probably lost in the void somewhere, please feel free to resend!

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Holiday - the greatest word (well, next to 'foible')!

As of 6th August 2004 I'm on holiday for 2 weeks ;well, I'm actually back on the West Coast of Scotland seeing my family - but I'm not at work :-). So the volume of posts will be severly reduced during this time. I am still deleting comment spam though! Anyway, as usual, Scotland is experiencing it's worst spell of weather this year during my holiday (in the last 4 days we've had more rain than is usual throuhout the whole month!)

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Just a reminder to myself...when binding an ArrayList of Enums to a ListControl

DataValueField = "Id", DataTextField = "Name" Sorry, that's it...but I can never remember that! UPDATE: Note to self, never write a blog post whilst on crack; which I assume I must have been, the above post is of course total nonsense...please accept my apologies!

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