Well, the last episode of Friends is about to start...and just been doing my blog trawl before I shut my laptop for the weekend - for which I just bought a new power adaptor; if you need a laptop adaptor, live in the UK and want the best deal, check out http://www.battery.co.uk/.

Most interesting bits I came across tonight are the Intelligent Message Filter archive manager and a tip to expose the Spam Confidence Level (SCL) - which are pretty invaluable if you're using the Exchange 2003 Intelligent Message filter.

Also read a bit more of the book Paper Prototyping (US) which is really pretty cool - essentially it covers how to define and protoype user interfaces on paper (hence the name :-)) anyway, more useful than it sounds!

So that's it - Friends has started (they're just talking about Ross 'doing it' with Rachael at the moment...)