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nLucene - full text search crawler / engine for .NET

I've been doing some work on using MSCMS2002 and have had to look at ways to implement search (by default it doesn't have it and requires that you buy a much expensive Sharepoint license) well, I revisited the nLucene project - this had stalled for a while but looks like it's back in development. Interestingly, one of the contributors seems to be Scott W.  - so I wouldn't be surprised if this became integrated with .TEXT in the near future... Anyway, take a look, it does seem incredibly cool and it would seem to benefit from the tons of development already exisitng for the Jakarta-Lucene Java version, even stating that the Java docs also apply to this version!

UPDATE: As Ryan Rinaldi pointed out in the comments,.TEXT 0.96 does have Lucene.NET (the new name for nLucene) already integrated, I was having a poke around the code today and it's pretty sweet. I reall recommend you check it out if you need a simple to implement, quick search engine for your site! Oh, and the next version of .TEXT will have an awesome search engine!

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# re: nLucene - full text search crawler / engine for .NET

What about using Index Server built into the OS? The benefit the sharepoint search has is that it'll spider external sites - but for providing search of local stuff - Index server is designed for this. Or does MSCMS not let you access the content via the file system?
4/7/2004 4:23 PM | Duncan Smart

# re: nLucene - full text search crawler / engine for .NET

Exactly, MSCMS stuff all says that you shouldn't try to access the DB at all and gives dire warning if you try it. What sharepoint gives you is a spider. There's other solutions like Mondosearch (which is very fancy with categories and stuff) - but again, overkill for what our client needs. I can get CMS to output HTML files then index them - but this again is a step I'd like to avoid...
4/7/2004 5:14 PM | Scott Galloway

# re: nLucene - full text search crawler / engine for .NET

.Text already is using Lucene .NET in the next version. .96 I believe.
4/7/2004 8:34 PM | Ryan Rinaldi

# re: nLucene - full text search crawler / engine for .NET

Ah...good to know...
4/7/2004 9:01 PM | Scott Galloway

# re: nLucene - full text search crawler / engine for .NET

The Lucene.NET project was closed, but the last open-source release can be found here:
9/21/2004 8:44 PM | DL
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