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New blog alert...

One of my colleagues Jonny Anderson just started a new blog..."the joy of c#"

Print | posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 5:30 PM |


# re: New blog alert...

Great! I've been checking his old VB site ( regularly, but he never put a pointer to a new site there. Cellular Automata have been a hobby of mine for a few years and he's got some great sample code on his old site.

Thanks for the alert!
4/5/2004 5:55 AM | Jon Galloway

# Fun while it lasted?

Seems to be off the air already. Hmm..
4/8/2004 9:53 AM | Jon Galloway

# re: New blog alert...

I know he's having problems figuring out what to write...I'll have a word...:-)
4/8/2004 9:55 AM | Scott Galloway

# Jonny Anderson still out there?

I read a Jan 2000 article Jonny Anderson Wrote VBPJ - I am looking to contact him but none of the links above work - anybody know what address he is hanging his hat at?
9/20/2004 4:44 AM | Chad

# re: New blog alert...

I work with Jonny, I'll pass on your details.
9/21/2004 1:52 AM | Scott Galloway
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