Well, I've had a few emails asking where the hell the article I promised has gotten to - I am writing it, it's just really tricky to do that stuff; for me, people like Dino Espsito seem to crank fantastic articles out at a rate of knots. Well, currently I'm working on a few pieces of demo code - I figure that if I write the demos first it'll give me a bit of structure for the article. So, I've complted the first one - which I kind of like. Idea is to show what you're use events for in repeaters when you're not wanting to nest repeaters (it made sense at the time!). Basically the example makes a little image for each company name, binding it on to an ASP:Image control in the ItemDataBound event - if it's over 30 characters, it changes the text to 'Too Long!" and flips the color. Opinions, is this a good example of what you could use events for? (oh, click on the image below to see a bit more of what I'm on about...)