I love this sort of stuff...(oh, and do check out the comments Chris A. has some really 'interesting' views :-)). It does remind me a lot of some summer jobs I had - I used to work with people with dementia / schzophrenia, the arguments I've read recently about open source versus MS are strangely reminiscent;

  • Use of 'statistics' to justify a position - this happens a LOT, latching on to some meaningless stat as a basis for an entire position.
  • 'religious' arguments - 'Linux is better than windows' - then self-select 'evidence' to defend a single side of the argument. Reminds me of a person who I knew that claimed that custard was toxic - evidence, they knew three prople who ate custard and died within a week...in a hospital where 2-300 people died that week.
  • 'Case Studies' - this is an especially wierd one, again self-selection of the type - such and such selected x over y == this proves x is better than y in all cases umm...no, no it doesn't.

Anyway, let me state for the record - I have no issue whatsoever with open source (well, I hate the GPL but that's a whole different issue). I was formerly a J2EE (oddly, not open source  although many people conveniently forget that :-)) architect, using open source servers with great gusto. I've used Linux numerous times (though I admit I was forced to).