As I've been posting a bit recently,I've been having some problems with my DNS (entirely of my own making I should point out). Anyway, so these DNS problems have led me to do a bit of thinking about this here site - conclusion, I've been very lazy about posting stuff / looking after you my loyal reader (there is one of you right...hellooooo) - so I'm going to try and be a bit more proactive rather than reactive.
Right, so plan is that I start writing mini-articles, at least one every two days on items as varied as repeaters to compression to using interfaces, all sorts of stuff - here's where you come in. Problem is I am no writer, so anything I'm going to write is likely to be a bit on the pants side ;facts and coding wise it should be fine - I do that for a living - but I am no writer and English is not my first language (I'm Scottish :-)). So, I'm going to expose my inadequacies to the world and I want you, my reader to help me out by pointing out where the problems are.
My solemn vow is: I will post an article, as complete as I can make it on methods of Nesting Data List controls along with some tips and tricks thereon no later than 9pm GMT on 18/03/2004...

UPDATE: OK, for what it's worth the first part of the article is now up here - constructive comments appreciated...stupid comments ignored - and may lead to violent reprisals (kidding!)