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Brain Shutdown...oh and some semi-useful links...

Well, it's 1am, I have at least 8 hours work ahead of me but my Cerebral Cortex has unfortunately decided to cease functioning. I'm also listening to the .NET Rocks show where Chris Sells and Rory Blyth interview Carl Franklin...hmm...Carl si currently going on about some conference they had at Microsoft - feeling pretty isolated in my little flat in Edinburgh right now we never seem to get anything good up here and my company is really too small to send me on any conferences etc...ah well, just have to settle for observing from the sidelines.
Well, I really should get back to my app, just a bog standard reporting application for my bulk mail thing - I really have to get time to play with SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services it looks really useful, think Access-like reports with all the power of SQL server as well as full VS.NET designer support...well, I'll get time at some point!
While I'm procrastinating, I thought I'd mention a few of the controls I'm using in this proejct...first is WebChart, an excellent free WebCharting control, lets you do lovely graphs to impress your clients!
Next up is Denis Bauer's DynamicControlsPlaceholder - which if you haven't used yet - you should. I mention this control a lot but is really is fantastic for ASP.NET with dynamic UserControls.
Next...TaskScheduler, a phenomenally useful C# wrapper for the Windows TaskScheduler - now you can run tasks whenever you want!
Right, enough...gonna get some coffee (Whittards Guatemala Elephant, gorgeous chocolatey coffee perfect for espresso)..then try to get back into doing some work (might have to turn off DotNetRocks - getting a bit wearing!)

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