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New version of BlogJet - now with HTML Source Editing!

From Jon Galloway's blog, a new version of BlogJet - with a bunch of new features including, finally, HTML Source editing - this is fantastic news!

New BlogJet!

Well, it's beta, but I'll take it - it adds HTML source code editor!

Download it

Release notes:
BlogJet BETA Release Notes
February 11, 2004

* HTML source editor with highlighting and code completion.
* Indent/Outdent (for those who use <BLOCKQUOTE>'s).
* Link text and target in Insert Hyperlink dialog.
* Post Properties (allow comments/pings) for MovableType, Blogware and TypePad.
* Link insertion with drag-and-drop.
* Hotkeys for top-level menus.
* New progress indicator.
* New sweet icons for categories.
* New About window.
* DasBlog support.

* Fixed issues with View History in TypePad.
* Deleting entry now forces blog republish.
* Fixed issues with images path.
* Fixed deleting post which is being edited.
* Fixed various bugs with Micro Editing mode.
* Minor fixes.

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# re:

So does BlogJet have support for .Text? Does it support any of the categories or advanced post options?
2/11/2004 4:38 PM | Ryan Rinaldi

# re:

Hi, yup, it certainly does support .TEXT - I use it pretty much exclusively noew for posting to this .TEXT blog.
It does support categories - but currently only a single category per post. Dimitry says he is planning to support multiple categories 'real soon now'.
It doesn't support all the advanced features *yet*
2/11/2004 4:45 PM | Scott Galloway
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