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Kent Sharkey writes that this is currently down again - seems that some people were a bit quick off the mark in posting the download...anyway, keep checking, apparently there's going to be a couple of pages with some more info about it there as well

Found out about this from John Mandia's blog, full of lovely components and other stuff for ASP.NET -  you really should download it! I'll post a bit more about it once I've had a play...

UPDATE: John just posted on the MsWebDev group with sopme details of the components it contains:

Basically a few very useful components:

* ComponentOne

This special edition of ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET includes a development license for all of the Q2 2003 versions of ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET (WebForms) components. Studio Enterprise for ASP.NET is a comprehensive suite of components including grid, reporting, charting, data, user-interface, and eCommerce components for ASP.NET.

* Infragistics


Infragistics NetAdvantage 2003 is the ultimate framework of presentation layer components available for COM, .NET (rich client Windows Forms

components) and ASP.NET (Web Forms components). It includes best-of-breed grids, charts, toolbars, menus, tabs, trees, web navigation components, GUI components, listbars, explorer bars, editors, and much more, 88 components in all. Always innovators, Infragistics offers as part of Infragistics NetAdvantage 2003’s Subscription and Enterprise Editions full source code for all of its .NET and ASP.NET components. This source code allows the developer not only to feel secure in his/her purchase, but serves as an ideal learning and debugging tool. Gain the advantage now with the NetAdvantage 2003 by installing the NetAdvantage ASP.NET grid (included on this CD). The NetAdvantage ASP.NET grid is an advanced grid with true hierarchical support and unbound mode, allowing you to provide a rich-client look-and-feel in your ASP.NET application. Click here to learn more about these products.

* /n software

IP*Works! CC ICharge provides and easy-to-use interface for communicating with major Internet Payment Aggregators (Payment Gateways). As a true .NET component, ICharge can be easily integrated in ASP.NET applications and provides a fast and easy solution for businesses that need to accept credit cards. By offering a common interface to all major gateways, ICharge isolates developers from differences in gateway interfaces, thus simplifying development and greatly reducing integration costs. Install IP*Works! CC ICharge and try out this cool control.

* SAX.NET Security for ASP.NET allows you to protect your server from automated programs. A web page that contains the Human Verification Component acts as a virtual gatekeeper who ensures that only real people and no automated programs fill out forms on your site. The component does this by displaying a code in an image that cannot be read using Optical Character Recognition and requiring the user to enter this code in a text field. If the code matches, you can be sure that you are dealing with a real person and proceed. If the code doesn't match, the validation for the page will fail and an error message will be shown. Install Barcodes for ASP.NET and Security for ASP.NET and try out these cool controls.

* telerik

telerik r.a.d.rotator is a multipurpose component for DHTML content rotation and personalization. From stock tickers and news scrollers, to product spotlights, weather forecasts, testimonials, running promotions and banner ads, r.a.d.rotator delivers high interactivity and user involvement. The product is extremely easy to customize through flexible frame templates. The rotated content can be obtained by databinding with XML files, strings or streams, DataSet, DataReader, or ArrayList. telerik r.a.d.spell enables developers to add multilingual spellchecking capabilities to their ASP.NET applications. The component is completely customizable and can be attached to any server- or client-side editable element (textbox, div, iframe). It currently supports 18 languages and can have custom user dictionaries for every language. Install telerik r.a.d. rotator and telerik r.a.d. spell and try out these cool controls.

Plus walkthroughs, articles, hosting offers etc.

Pretty good and worth the download.


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