Don't know why I expected any different, especially with this post...Talking to a recruitment consultant today...interesting experience...apparently my experience as a J2EE architect has no bearing at all on .NET - as the two are related in no way. Also the fact that I'm up against (according to her) 'guys with 3-5 years ASP.NET experience' puts me at a disadvantage - since I have no time machine.
I don't know, I am seriously considering just packing the whole gig in - the problem is, there's no way for me to know which of the dozens of possibles these roles are for, I have to go through this woman who has no idea what an architect is (she seems to think I'm mostly a systems admiistrator). So - here's the deal, if you are a semi-intelligent company in the UK (or know of one) who thinks they have an interesting contract for me (and of course, I'll send my CV on to you - mine is accurate in contrast to most of the ones you'll see) please get in touch at [email protected]