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Is cheering on Viruses like cheering on Terrorists? Umm...not even close!

Read this on Cameron Reilly's blog:

This says a lot about the intelligence of some of the folks on Slashdot. Are they having a joke? Perhaps. But cheering on a virus is kind of like cheering on a terrorist.

Now I'm sorry, this is such a dumb statement, for me it's the equivalent of saying 'killing a cockroach is kind of like killing your mother' - the hype and over dramitisation of viruses in the media of late has really annoyed me.
If you have a commercial virus checker (or even a free one like AVG Free), you will NOT have had any problems with this virus - if you count a couple of extra emails...umm...please, can you say 'Spam'.

Anyway, it is not my intention to attack Cameron, I normally like his views / posts, it's just that characterising Virus Writers as Terrorists is just an extreme form of dumbing down - which seems to characterise media in both the US and the UK.

Here's the comment I left on Cameron's blog...which kind of explains my position a little better:

Cheering on a virus is NOTHING like cheering on a terrorist (though I don't agree with either) - I wish people would stop over-dramitising viruses, MyDoom has been caught by ALL commercial virus checkers for months, with all the viruses around you really have to be dumb to not have a decent virus checker installed.
OK, so viruses are inconvenient, they may even destroy data - but so far as I'm aware, no-one has been killed by MyDoom. I live in a country (the UK) where we had violent terrorism for 25 years (most people seem to forget this!), believe me I'd rather have people writing self replicating code than blowing up city centres.

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# re: Is cheering on Viruses like cheering on Terrorists? Umm...not even close!

Scott, so are you saying it's okay to champion viruses and their creators? You condone this behaviour?

1/31/2004 2:45 PM | Cameron Reilly

# re: Is cheering on Viruses like cheering on Terrorists? Umm...not even close!

Cameron, did you read my comment..."though I don't agree with either" - no I do not in any way believe what Virus creators do is right. It is rightly illegal and they should be punished - but to equate them with people who willingly and callously take the lives of others is an overreaction.

1/31/2004 5:03 PM | Scott Galloway

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