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Pretty useful C# Projects

Just discovered this, a collection of links to amazingly interesting C# projects.
I love the idea of SourceFTP which essentially gives you 'SourceSafe - like' access to FTP - so you can share stuff stored on an FTP server with a form of versioning (and looking at the source which is provided gives me some very cool ideas :-))
Also, Bindows looks very interesting - rich client side web app stuff...I'm going to be having a play with the IISLog sample pretty soon...well maybe...

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# re: Pretty useful C# Projects

send me some c# projects
7/23/2004 8:21 AM | amit

#  i am working on smtp in c# anyone help me on that

send me help on smtp protocol in c#
8/24/2004 10:30 AM | nilang

# re: Pretty useful C# Projects

Try Google...there's a ton of examples.
8/24/2004 11:23 AM | Scott Galloway

# re: Pretty useful C# Projects

i need some help with some thing can any one help me?

well heres the problem:

i can get my textBox1.Text to be shown in a new MessageBox but i cant get it to be shown on label1
i use this code to get it to work with the new MessageBox:


and i have tried:

and label1.write(textBox1.Text)

and none of them work any one got an idea how i can get it to work if so please let me know Thanks for your time
9/23/2004 3:56 PM | visual studio .net 2003

# re: Pretty useful C# Projects

label1.Text = textBox1.Text;
9/23/2004 3:58 PM | Scott Galloway

# re: Pretty useful C# Projects

thank you Scott Galloway

the help is much appreciated
10/26/2004 6:04 PM | visual studio .net 2003

# re: Pretty useful C# Projects

is there away to get the text to stay?
(e.g i have put test in and it is on the label and i put test in again and i only have one test)so is there away to get the text to stay there and have a new line for the next line of text?

thanks for your times and the help is much appreciated

10/26/2004 6:12 PM | visual studio .net 2003

# can i implement networking in C#

I want to do a project in which i can use networking in c#.If anybody have an idea pls do reply me at [email protected]
11/8/2004 6:09 AM | faisal

# projects related to networking/mobile technology in c#

Please send me list of some projects related to networking or mobile technology in c#.
11/8/2004 6:12 AM | faisal

# re: Pretty useful C# Projects

can any one answer my question???? please
11/8/2004 5:38 PM | visual studio .net 2003

# re: Pretty useful C# Projects

That's a huge topic and a very general question. There's a whole bunch of books on this topic, if you can make the question narrower in scope it's more likely someone can provide an answer.
11/8/2004 5:43 PM | Scott Galloway

# Help with this


what i want the label to do is when i say hello
it stays there and then when i type some thing
else i want both lines of text to be there (e.g:
How are you?

I am making my own msn and i have got the log in
screen, Pm Box and this is for the pm box i just can
not get this part of it to work
I have a tutorial on some thing like this(i think its
called Making your own Messenger with C# or some
thing like that im not sure)
but if any one can give me links to any tutorials about
making your own msn can you please post them
11/13/2004 10:13 AM | visual studio .net 2003

# re: Pretty useful C# Projects

my problem is that I don`t have any Idea about a good graduation project so please may you give my an idea about a good project to do and I want it in C# windows applications
12/11/2004 6:33 PM | essam alsayeh

# c# projects

I am an beginner in c#, trying to explore the world of .NET. But now I am getting bored in continously doing small programs.

Can any one help me in order to learn c# very quickly and with full joy...

plez help me
2/1/2005 4:23 AM | Dichan Lepcha

# re: Pretty useful C# Projects

I think wha tyou would want to do is this.

label.text += textbox1.text + "\r\n";

the \r\n (dont ask me why its not just \n) is to make it goto the next line.

there for; you can have


"how are you"


Hope that helped.

Also I wrote my own msn client... just as a small project to learn the uhhhh System.Web namespace.

Anyways... if yah need help write me at [email protected]

4/21/2005 4:59 AM | Lee
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