It never ceases to amaze me the lengths to which Spammers go to get you to read their dumb emails...
Some however are just deeply dumb and to be gullible enough to read them would put you into a category of stupidity which would automatically (or should) preclude you from owning a credit card - I mean "Government FREE Cash Program" who would read that!
To be honest Spam doesn't bother me much, I get around 100 spams a day, cause by the fact that I have a VERY old email forwarding address and I used it a fair bit in Usenet back in the day - this appears to have been harvested relentlessly by every spammer on the planet.
Not a problem, I just use SpamNet - which is by far the finest spam blocker I've yet come across...catches every one of the little buggers...I really can't forsee any way to prevent spamming (I doubt the law would have that much impact as it would need to apply to EVERY country to really stop spamming...).
Ah well, just off to write a bulk mailing program in C# - yes, really - don't worry though, it's an opt-in list only!