I wrote here complaining about the (in my opinion) pretty poor treatment of Architecture (especially) for ASP.NET. Well, here's a suggestion of a solution - I've just read the whitepapers for ALL of the starter kits - some people have mailed me to say that they have 'great' coverage of architecture...umm...no... I think it's pretty poor (verging on really poor) - in most cases the whitepapers say what they did - but not why they did it here's the basic architecture precis from the Time Tracker Starter Kit:

Data access, business logic, and user interface logic is separated into different classes.  N-tier architectures have many advantages, including:

·         There is a clean separation between the user interface, business logic, and data access layers.  This isolation promotes code re-use and makes maintaining and enhancing the code easier.  Development is also easier because there is a clear decomposition of functionality allowing developers or teams of developers to focus on different parts of the application during implementation.

·         Business rules are centralized into one component that is easy to re-use and a high-level language (like C# or Visual Basic .NET) is provided in which to develop business rules.

·         Data access code is centralized in one place making development and maintenance easier.

OK, where to start...first, this is accompanied by a basic logical structure diagram - no UML here...these  starter kits are such a valuable resource for ASP.NET developers, would it really be that difficult to explain them in some decent level of detail?

In the Architecture Center there's lots of nice detailed academic text about patterns (e.g., a lovely document about the MVC pattern) - if you're doing some form of degree on these, they're ideal. What's missing is the 'fill', take us from this theory right into an app (hey, the starter kits actually use patterns - really!).

Sorry, this is my pet peeve at the moment - and one reason I feel that .NET is not being taken seriously in the industry - Java smacks of prefessionalism, you have structured, pattern driven architectures....NET just doesn't - yet... Again..my opinion, comments welcomed!


UPDATE: Actually, found one really good one :-) Have a look here for a lovely article on Page Controllers in ASP.NET