This discussion on Slashdot has finally made my mind up. I have been a reader of Slashdot for a number of years,  I believe I started reading it in the first month it existed. I'm even one of the smallish number of people who subscribes. The eternal Microsoft bashing whey now indulge in is getting very boring - when is the last time anyone wrote a story not actively criticising Microsoft on that site. I have in the past worked with Solaris and have been heavily into J2EE coding, I have nothing against these technologies, I don't use them every day now because, simply I'm more productive in .NET / Windows.
So the eternal idiocy of Slashdot - which is owned by the OSDN...a distinctly anti-Microsoft organisation, please don't believe they're subjective. Has finally pushed me over the edge, goodbye Slashdot, I don't need to get wound up over these dumb stories any more.