Well, just killed my motherboard...more about that later when then hurt subsides :-P. So, currently using my laptop foggy as my main machine (new MB on order!). I've been thinking about what the future holds for me - priotiry one is get a social life again - I only started learning the whole .NET thing in any serious way about 9 months ago, and it's been a bit time consuming to say the least, unfortunately  my social life has pretty much fallen by the wayside over that period.
Priority 2 is to develop an application (probably WinForm and Web Service type) in my 'spare' time, this may take the form of a new blogging engine - in fact, it almost certainly will, all the current ones just aren't quite what I'd like.
Priority 3 is to learn to drive - I live right in the centre of Edinburgh so I've been able to avoid driving thus far in my life, family circumstances have kind of changed that recently..so I'll be joining the ranks of car owners as soon as I learn to drive (so right around the time the first hover car hits the streets would be a fair guess).
Priority 4 is to consider where my career is heading - I really don't know where to go next / if to move at all. The job market in Scotland is pretty dead right now and most of the interesting ones now require a 'good CS degree' - to what purpose, I don't know but it does limit my choice of possibities - I don't particularly want to move back down south right now...
So, sorry for the random ramble, its' 2am and I needed to write this stuff down (as if you haven't guessed, I use this thing as a sort of diary - which will also change 'any time now', I need to finish off some articles I've been writing on various odd but useful ASP.NET techniques which I'd have found incredibly useful when I was learning, so other people might too. You never know!