Someone asked what happened to the new server I was going to build...Umm well...I got all the bits, including a swanky new heatsink - all from Ebuyer , which is the best online store I've ever found for bits - can't find the link to the heatsink right now, but it was a Coolermaster one with a heatpipe..So in my entusiasm, I tried to set everything up but discovered the midi case I had had very little clearance over the processor and so, the new heatsink wouldn't fit.
In a flash of inspiration, I recalled that the heatsink in my main machine (a 2400+) was shorter than  the new one, so I swapped them. One small problem was that (well two problems)

  1. I hadn't noticed the thermal compound in the new heatsink box
  2. The heatsink didn't quite touch the processor
  3. (I lied :-)) The motherboard thermal overload sensor was faulty (or for some reason didn't work).

So, long story short, my lovely Athlon 2400+ fried...and my main machine now runs the 1800+ I bought for the new one...Oh, and the new ones' PSU doesn't work...
So, the server is on hold until I regroup...I am now planning to switch web hosts from Brinkster (expensive, unreliable) to WebHost4Life which is cheaper, has more facilities and gives a Sql Server 200 DB with the package...