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Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix

I love Harry Potter books, I've just finished reading the new book, it's long but it is a book which will keep you reading until the end (I've read it in a little over 12 hours). Very good book, which progresses the story in many ways (and doesn't feature as much Quidditch for reasons you'll discover). This is very much a darker book than the previous ones and yes, someone does die - I won't tell you who but it is a pretty impressive death....

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This got me thinking

Perhaps a true revolution is starting, this article from Wired basically points out that despite having significantly fewer resources, Apple is still surviving - and prospering. This got me to thinking, the Open Source movement thus far has been largely disorganised - there are exceptions, Apache and Linux being notable exceptions. If the Open Source labour force becomes organised and focussed on providing cohesive, real applications life could get interesting for the likes of Microsoft. Take a look at projects like Evolution, ...

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Over the years I've pretty much used every anti-spam measure in existence. The only one I've found that actually works (and it is pretty much faultless, 100+ spams caught daily, 0 false positives!) is SpamNet, this has recently become pay-ware ($3.99 a month or $1.99 if you were a beat tester). I have recently bought two subscriptions (work and home). It really is worth it...go on!

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Web Parts

Nope, not a porn site, remember the little expandable boxes on MSDN (before it went all 1996)...this is doing pretty much the same thing...

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Salam Pax

The war isn't over. This is the best source I've found for whats' still happening - , funny, honest and thought-provoking, if your only source of information about Iraq is what the mainstream media portrays (for or against...), do yourself a favour and have a look at this site...

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One more thing

Any English shopkeeper out this..Scottish Money is LEGAL TENDER IN ENGLAND!!! UPDATE: Was told this by a guy at work - no bank notes are legal tender in Scotland - (checked it out and it appears to be true!). So the guy in the shop who turned down a Scottish £20 was just dumb -...

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Long day

Just got home after a very long day, was meant to be a short day but...well... This was the day we planned to deploy the big site we've been developing for the past 8 months to its' final hosting environment. Unfortunately, the environment wasn't configured as had been requested, so I spent the day trying to come up with workarounds. Problem boled down to...

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End of an era

So, Microsoft is stopping development of IE on the Mac... It has also announced that no new versions of IE will exist before longhorn. This is a very odd situation and the implications of this decision are showing already, Mozilla is now on the rise (Firebird / Phoenix now seem like pretty appropriate names!). The essential point of MS's arguement seems to be that...

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Odd site...and a bit disturbing!

Got you interested! This site odd...but may prove very popular! » link Hmm..must get a camera phone...Found this through the little geoUrl link at the bottom of this page on this blog...

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Think about the future

Well, just killed my motherboard...more about that later when then hurt subsides :-P. So, currently using my laptop foggy as my main machine (new MB on order!). I've been thinking about what the future holds for me - priotiry one is get a social life again - I only started learning the whole .NET thing in any serious way about 9 months ago, and...

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Spending time wisely...

Help...I'm in my 4th hour of watching Futurama. They have evilly put a Play All function on the discs...ah well only 7 hours to go...oh and then I have to watch it again with the commentary :-) Best series yet - go, buy it now

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Just noticed, the final versions of the ASP.NET starter kits have been released, you can find them here. These are useful starting points for many applications.

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Whilst changing the site, I noticed a couple of comments, almost all were realy nice, but one was a simple, dumb insult. To be honest I don't care what you think of this site, nor do I mind if you never come back, with this in mind, I've decided not to include comments in my future versions of the blog software (I say my versions, it is of course just a modification of BlogX by Chris Anderson, I'm just changing bits to make it more...

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Got a new book "Don't Make Me Think!" by Steve Krug. This is a fantastic book and very short - important, it means I'll actually read it. Along with a series of articles by Joel Spolsky I think that this should be compulsory reading for every web developer. Too many sites are ruined by being a pain to use.

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I've started working on a modified version of BlogX. So you may notice a few features disappearing over the next few days / weeks. You will also notice new features appearing. I am disabling comments for the time being, if you feel a real need to comment on something here and its' important, use the mail me link in the top right hand corner...

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Really Slick

You can find some of the best 3d screensavers I've seen in a while here. They really are pretty amazing, and come with full source code - if you fancy writing some yourself (oh and you can code OpenGL in C++)!

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Fun with words!

From Kent Shrkeys' blog (I know its' old, but it's new to me!)

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More Passport Woes...

Sorry I haven't posted for the last day and a bit...we've been getting RC3 of our Portal project ready for delivery. The Portal is able to support two authentication mechanisms, Passport and Forms. Forms has worked perfectly from day one but the Passport has been a real bugger. The Passport SDK says that to sign out you do this::: ...

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Dynamically added controls...

One of the most frequent queries about dynamically added controls is how to get their values after postback... This is not as easy as it sounds if the value of these controls has a direct impact on the next set of controls bound to the page. There are various methods to do this - persisting the controls in Session state and reloading on init being one I've used in the past, there's also more code-intensive methods involving intercepting the postback event and reinding there. One of the most elegant methods I've encountered is Denis Bauers' Dynamic Controls placeholder » link ,...

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Martin Fowler has written about a little device called looks amazingly cool...just what I was looking for in fact. » link

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On of the worst omissions from .NET 1.0 and 1.1 is compression...and no-one has ever really explained the reasons why we can't have it as part of the cor framework. Also, why doesn't WSE include anything on message compression? Anyway, there is one way to get compression in a totally .NET way (assuming you installed J#). This article on MSDN explains how...» link. Now, who wants to rewrite the Blowerly compression module using this??? I might just have to do it at...

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Amazingly me at least...

I'd love to see a more complete explanation of this system » link. This type of system really appeals to my style of architecture. Only thing I would be driven to ensure was that this system was secure...

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IE 7.0

WSel, got your attention...I found this entry really interesting regarding the future (or not) of IE link on Scobles' blog...

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Must have for developers using .NET Passport...

I forget whos' blog I saw this on (post a comment and i'll link). This is essentially the documentation and bits which .NET Passport should have always come with. The passport toggler alone is totally indespensible for all developer using .NET passport. The install is a bit buggy (some of the bits don't work for me). ...

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New Blog

Just came across this blog, looks like it'll become a pretty useful blog for Sql...

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More links...VS.NET PowerToys

On a trawl through my Sharpreader subscriptions...ShawnMors' blog had this link . Some pretty cool toys for VS.NET... ...

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More links...

Found this on Scobles' blog...guidelines on UI design, I don't think any developers can read too much of this stuff...if no-one can use it, why write it???

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.NET Building Blocks

Noticed this over on Alex Lowes' blog, link to the building blocks page. Some very useful resources - I can see these being used more and more in the community. We already use the Exception Management and Data Access Blocks in our large Portal project, they really are excellent - and come with source, so you can...

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Someone asked what happened to the new server I was going to build...Umm well...I got all the bits, including a swanky new heatsink - all from Ebuyer , which is the best online store I've ever found for bits - can't find the link to the heatsink right now, but it was a Coolermaster one with a heatpipe..So in my entusiasm, I tried to set...

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Matrix Reloaded

I write more later, but I found it very interesting (oh and it has a sex scene...well kind of!). Lots of people have written that they found the bit with the Architect incomprehensible...I found it ok to be honest. Oh, and stay until after the credits, there's a trailer for Matrix Revolutions...but the credits are very long!

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Gotta go to work!!!

I'm late for work (this is not unusual, I work strange hours). Anyway, does anyone have any opinions of Flash MX as a front end for distributed .NET apps. I plan to spend some time looking at this, looks like you can do decent interactions with web services. I used to work for a compnay called...

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