I should be asleep...well that was the plan.
I have a project to complete tomorrow - well, I'll be doing QA all weekend and bug-hunting etc...but the development will finish tomorrow.
We're trying to sort out our development proces at the moment at work, we're quite a small company and our clients appreciate our agile, flexible approach to development. Most of the software development processes are really for larger companies - XP is just to outlandish for us to use (though I am a major preponent of Re-Factoring).  I anyone has any ideas (books etc...I've read Peopleware - which is excellent, but its' not really about 'process'...hmm...more comment on that later no doubt!

Incidentally, my RSS feeds are now operational - if you are looking for a good way to aggregate your feeds, try Luike Huttemans' SharpReader. It's a really good aggregator (simple - which is good!). Only problem is that it persists all feeds in memory at the moment...being worked on apparently!